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Since 1992 Short On Ideas has brought creative business thinking to its customers whether as an interim management role, a consultancy role or marketing agency.

We have worked within a number of different business sectors and with large corporates as well as SMEs.

Now in 2022 we are looking to bring our experience to focus on the smaller companies and individuals. If you are looking to add some something different to your business but do not wish to spend too much then Short On Ideas is for you.

Email and we can see how we can help you.

The following covers just some of the areas where we have been involved.

Business Modelling and Research

Whilst we have provided business modelling in a number of large market sectors do not worry that this is too big an exercise for a business of your size .

We can take a fresh view at what you have probably been trying to address for some while and provide an alternative way of looking at things and mapping the way forward.


Through the years Short On Ideas had been involved in most of what used to be called above the line advertising and below the line promotions – nowadays called offline as it is not focused online.

We can provide Display advertising, Direct Mail, Radio, Brochures – in fact anything that is the best way forward for each individual enterprise – and in addition to providing the creative artwork we can project manage everything for you.

Book Publishing

Working with the authors Short On Ideas has published books in both paper and online formats – and the publications have been seen on Waterstone’s shelves – yes including their largest store in Piccadilly.

“Vanity publishing” is a horrible term used to describe someone’s wish to see their efforts, be they novels, non-fiction, poems or illustrated work, in print or just as a Kindle version. .

If you are one of these people contact us and see if we can help you get published

Website Design and Hosting

Short On Ideas has designed a number of business websites.

We can also obtain and host domains and emails and manage them for you to support your business

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